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World Water Day and Forest Day Awareness Program Entitled

23 March 2019

Program overview

    World water day and forest day celebration is an annual UN observance day. Every year it was celebrated on March 21st and 22ndthat highlights the important of fresh water and the conservation of forest. The main motive of our program is to advocate the sustainable management of fresh water and forest resources. In this regard, we have conducted competition on conservation aspects of water and forest. We invited dignitaries those who sacrifices their life for the conservation of water and forest. The details of the program are enlisted below.

Program theme

Our main motive of this program is to make the young minds to think about the conservation of water and forest.

  • What is the reason behind the conservation of water and forest?
  • What are the advanced innovative ideas on the conservation of water and forest?
  • To bring out the innovative ideas from school and college students about the conservation of water and forest
  • To explore knowledge about the conservation of water and forest

Program Schedule

     “Puviyamudham” a symposium on Water and Forest Conservation has been conducted by PG and Research Department of Biotechnology on the 21st of March 2019 at our college premises. The programme was conducted to create awareness on water and forest conservation and also make the students explore the recent trends in conserving the natural resources.

     The programme welcome address was delivered by Dr. V. Bhuvaneshwari, Assistant Professor and head, Department of Biotechnology. Presidential address was given by          Dr. V. Balasubramaniam, Principal and the programme felicitated by Dr. S. Paulsamy, Dean, R&D and academics and Dr. P. Sujatha, NAAC Coordinator.

     Bird man Bal Pandiyan shared his experience in conserving koonthankulam lake and birds. He gave more unknown information regarding birds through his enthusiastic speech. The college silambattam group members gave energetic performance followed by wonderful mime was performed by English department students regarding water conservation. All care takers were recognized with momento by Dr. S. Paulsamy and Dr. V. Bhuvaneshwari. In continuation, S. Saravana karna moorthy and V.Ranjith kumar from Zoology and Biotechnology gave a talk on Economic inequality & Environmental degradation and Iyarkaiyai kapom ineyathor ulagai padaipom respectively.         

    In afternoon session, “Coimbatore Last Drop” a documentary film was displayed. P.K. Selvaraj, a secretary of Koushika River rescue association shared his experience in rescuing Koushika River followed by Sivarajan from Chinnavedampatty lake renovation group gave a talk on steps taken for renovating the lake. Guruprasath from Biotechnology Department delivered a wonderful speech on “Virtual Water”.

     Events like science model and poster presentations were conducted. The topics were given with science to overcome the changes caused in environment by mankind. Several students from host institution and different colleges have energetically participated in all the events. Dr. H. Abdul Kaffoor acted as jury.

In valedictory, the winners were appreciated with prizes and certificates by Dr. V. Chinnusamy, Chief Executive Officer. All the dignitaries and judge were honoured with mementos. A nice acapella was performed by college musical club members. Vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. M. Tharangini Priya, Secretary, Department of Biotechnology.

Dignitaries Peculium

S. Bal Pandiyan: Wild life conservator from Koondhankulam

      Mr. Balpandiyan, also known as BIRDMAN of Koonthankulam. He is a self-owned bird conservator and conservationist. He provides resident to migratory birds that visit koonthankulam during north east monsoon. In 2009 bal pandi co-authored a book “Diary on the nesting behavior the nesting and behavior” of Indian birds along with naturalist “china sathan”. That book contains 300 beautiful photographs. And he enlisted more than 300 different species of birds. After this publication he was offered to interact with a US based wild life conservator Murray. He was awarded with more than 5 awards including Green Honour award from World wild life fund. Due his innovative ideas of protecting birds, he is simply known as walking encyclopedia of birds. Bal Pandi is as methodical and organised in his work as any qualified Ornithologist. Due to his innovative ideas and interest in conservation of birds he was honored by an award “Mannin mainthan” award in our college by R&D Dean Dr. S. Paulsamy and Dr. V. Bhuvaneshwari, Head, Department of Biotechnology.

 P.K. Selvaraj: Secretary of Koushika River rescue association

            He is a retriever of the Koushika River which has diminished. He was born in ordinary farmer background family at vagarampalayam village, Coimbatore. He started his journey by constructing check dams and he found the way of the river. Then he finds and fights against the illegal land acquisition. In continuation, he start up the awareness programme throughout the Coimbatore people and also he conducted archeological research regarding Koushika River. He was one of the important person who puts the base for “Athikidavu Avinashi Scheme”.

 Program outcomes

  • To bring about the water  consumption and water conservational ideas to students
  • To enhance you by our blistering conservational ideas
  • To create awareness among the students regarding water
  • To create awareness about the traditional water purification techniques
  • To bring about the techniques to retreating domestic waste water and rain water harvestment
  • To explore students innovative working model and creative ideas
  • To share the environmental &water conservation knowledge to students

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