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Republic Day Celebrations

28 January 2019

     The 70 th Republic Day of the nation was observed in a fitting manner on January 26th, 2019 at Kongunadu Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Coimbatore. Dr.C.A.Vasuki, Secretary & Director of the college presided. Dr M.Aruchami, Founder-President and Dr.O.N.Paramasivam, Treasurer,College Council and Committee graced the occasion with their presence.The Chief Guest was Prof.Dr.P.Kanagasabapathy, former director, Tamilnadu Institute of Urban Studies, Member, ICSSR and pioneer in the study of economics from the native perspective, author, scholar and social activist.

      Dr.C.A.Vasuki, Secretary& Director, hoisted the National Flag at 9 am. and welcomed the gathering. Dr.C.A.Vasuki called upon the youth to preserve the values which were obtained by the blood and sweat of the freedom fighters. Nation building was based on the family, community and society She reminded the youth that the vision of our Honourable Prime Minister ,Shri Narendra Modiji  becoming a role model for the entire world and a superpower to be emulated was based on his immense faith in the youth of our nation.She concluded her speech with a quote by Victor Hugo “Society itself is a republic.”

       Dr.M.Aruchami, the Founder-President of the college offered felicitations. The President emphasized the importance of protecting the tricolor, for which freedom fighters such as Tirupur Kumaran had sacrificed their lives. In his youth, during the pre-independence days, they had dreamed of an independent nation and wondered whether their dreams would come true. Dr.T.S.Avinasilingam Chettiar Avl. Had insisted that they should hoist the tricolor in their school even before Independence. Protecting the flag was equal to protecting the nation , which in turn, was the equivalent of protecting the poor and the downtrodden. The youth should stand as pillars of the nation.

     The Chief Guest, Prof. Dr.P.Kanagasabapathi, stated that ours is not merely a nation it is an entire civilization, and that too the most ancient of all, one which cannot be dated by historians.In 1800, Paul Brioch, the French economist, said that India was the most prosperous among the nations of the world. 1/3 of the world’s economy was India’s contribution. OECD, Paris, after intense study, found it to be true.India’s contribution to the world’s GDP was 33%..

      In India was the world leader in the field of education also In the Kongu region alone, there were 173 higher education centres. In 1820, 72% of India’s population, including women were educated and highly knowledgeable. After 150 years of colonial rule, the fundamentals of the economy were demolished. In 1891, Will Durant found that only 9% were educated. The GDP was only 4%. All the industries had been destroyed.

     After Independence, the situation changed dramatically.Now, India’s is the fastest growing economy in the world.8.5 crore people are involved in industry.Now the world is turning towards India to study its economic model which is family based.The family, society and community were the stakeholders of the economy which spurred the tremendous growth of our nation after more than half a decade of stagnation even after Independence.

   As Swami Vivekananda envisioned, Bharath Matha would rise again as Rajarajeswari, in grandness and prosperity and become a superpower.

     The Chief Guest’s speech was followed by a parade by NCC cadets and cultural performances. Certificated and prizes were distributed for the winners of various competitions held in connection with the Republic Day celebrations.

      The Principal, Dr.V.Balasubramaniam proposed the Vote of Thanks.




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