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Autonomous Institution Affiliated to Bharathiar University,
Re-Accredited by NAAC with ‘A’ Grade Status (CGPA - 3.80 out of 4)
Co-Educational Institution Approved by UGC and AICTE, New Delhi.
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The Department of Zoology was started in the academic year 1974-1975 with the undergraduate course, and bears the badge of seniority. In 1977, for the first time among all the colleges in Tamil Nadu, SERICULTURE was introduced as an ancillary subject along with Botany and Chemistry. The Department has now grown into titanic proportions offering MSc. since 1981-82 and the research degrees MPhil and PhD. The Department specializes in the fields of Entomology and Environmental Toxicology.
Since the first batch of students, so far 1235 undergraduates, 546 postgraduates, 145 MPhil and 23 PhD scholars have successfully taken their respective degrees. The Department holds the unique distinction of having an all-doctorate faculty who are research guides for MPhil and PhD scholars.

Courses Offered
Courses Offered Category Duration
BSc. Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology Degree 3 years
MSc. Zoology Degree 2 years
MPhil Zoology Research 1 years
PhD (Full Time) Research 3 years
PhD (Part Time) Research 4 years

University Ranks
The praiseworthy efforts of the faculty have paid rich dividends in the form of results and the Department has so far bagged 44 university ranks in PG and 3 ranks in UG. More

Seminars / Workshops - State / National Level
Five State Level Seminars and a National Level Seminar funded by UGC and other agencies were conducted by the Department.

Seminars / Workshops - International Level
An International Workshop in collaboration with the US Government on "Vermitechnology in Human Welfare" was conducted by the Department. A large number of foreign delegates participated in the Workshop and presented their findings.

Research Activities
Projects Completed / In Progress
Eight minor projects and three major projects funded by UGC and other agencies have been completed and one minor and one major project are under progress. Three students' projects were completed and one student project funded by TNSCST, Chennai, is under progress.

Zoology Associations
The Department Association has organized many guest lectures inviting eminent scientists, educationists and practitioners to impart in-depth knowledge and experience in their respective fields among the young learners.

Future Plans
In the near future, the Department plans to introduce cocoon and silk processing with the support of trainer staff. Sericulture is to be introduced as the major subject at the undergraduate and also at the postgraduate level. The department also intends to train the students in ornamental fish culture and Aquaculture. There is also a plan to label the biological indicators to identify the polluted environment and to work out solid waste management in detail. Field training in pest and vector control in the context of biological controls will be imparted. In addition to this, students will be trained in Vermiculture and Apiculture, i.e bee hive maintenance and culture.

Faculty Participation
The Department takes special care to update the spheres of knowledge and thus the faculty members have so far attended 172 seminars/conferences and 68 workshops /refresher courses. In addition to this, the faculty members have published 262 research papers so far in National and International journals.

Eminent Members Holding Administration Posts
Dr.M.Aruchami Principal, Secretary & Director – Kongunadu Arts and Science College. Coimbatore – 29.
Executive Member of Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkatta.
President, Private Colleges Management    Association.
Tmt. C.A.Vasuki Joint Secretary (Academic & Finance), Kongunadu Arts and Science College Coimbatore –29.
Dr. T. Kulandaivelu Former Principal.
Dr. A.A. Sivakumar Former Principal.
Dr. B. Dhanakkodi Former Controller of Examinations.
Dr. S. Logaswamy COE

  • Pioneer in introducing Sericulture as ancillary subject in the curriculum in the state of Tamil Nadu.
  • Pioneer in introducing Computer based Technology (Virtual Laboratory) in the curricular transformation.
  • Department bagged 47 (PG & UG) University Ranks and produced 145 MPhil and 23 PhD Scholars in various fields.
  • Completed eight minor projects and three major projects.
  • Progressing- one Major and one Minor project.
  • Conducted four State level and one National level Seminar.
  • Conducted one International Workshop in collaboration with US Government on Vermitechnology.
  • Placed a large number of students in IT Companies.
  • Conducted Alumni meet for the benefit of students.
Study / Job Opportunities
The Department provides multiple opportunities to the students in various areas:
  • All subject- related higher studies including MCA, MBA and higher studies abroad.
  • Various Government services
  • Teaching and in Research, as Scientists
  • As entrepreneurs (Dairy, Poultry, Industries)
  • Nutrition & Dietetics – in Hospitals, as Dieticians
  • As Entomologists – Under the Agriculture & Forest Departments.
  • As Environmental Biologists – In the Pollution Control Board and Fisheries.
  • Self Employment -In Sericulture, Apiculture, Ornamental fish culture, Aquaculture and as Environmental Chemists.
  • As Technicians in clinical laboratories
  • As Analysts in IT Companies
  • Museum and Wildlife Management Depts.
  • Vermiculture Farming. More
Alumni Association
Department regularly convenes Alumni meet where a number of former students join together and share their experiences. They also give suggestions regarding the curriculum for the betterment of the subject and benefit of the students. The alumni of this department occupy prime places in Research institutions, University departments and occupy Administrative chairs at National and International levels.

Outstanding Alumni of the Department
  1. Dr. Nallasivam Palanisamy, Director in Research Lab, USA.
  2. Dr. R. Ramakrishnan, Scientist, USA.
  3. Mrs. C.A. Vasuki, Joint Secretary (Academic & Finance) KASC, Coimbatore.
  4. Mr. M. Subramaniam, Director, Aromatic Company, CBE.
  5. Mr. S. Rajendran, Director, MRM Offset, Tirupur.
  6. Dr. M. Ramesh, Reader, Bharathiar University, CBE.
  7. Dr. S. Ramajayam, Lecturer, Bharathiar University, CBE.
  8. Dr. S. Sivaramakrishnan, Lecturer, Bharathidasan University, Trichy.
  9. Dr. M. Rabeeth, Lecturer & Head, Narayanaguru College, Coimbatore.
  10. Dr. K. Thirumathal, Reader, APA College, Palani.
  11. Mr. S. Dhanapal, Scientist, Pollution Control Board, Hosur.
  12. Mrs. R. Kalaichelvi, Scientist, Pollution Control Board, CBE.
  13. Mrs. T. Chitra, Lecturer, CN College, Erode.
  14. Mrs. N. Vijayalakshmi, Lecturer, GVG, Udumalpet.
  15. Mrs. S. Umamaheswari, Lecturer & Head, GVG, Udumalpet.
  16. Mrs. S. Chitra, Lecturer, Erode Arts College, Erode.
  17. Mrs. Maheswari, Lecturer, GVG, Udumalpet.
  18. Mr. A.K. Rajendren, Public Prosecutor, CBE.
  19. Dr. Sivakumari, Reader, Meenakshi College, Chennai.
  20. Mr. C.P. Kandaswamy, Inspector of Police, Trichy.
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